Uriele Maio

hi, after almost 3 years,  and at the 19th liver clean, no more stones were released,  I am delighted to have learned and discovered this wonderful method of cleansing and detoxification, the benefits are innumerable, increased vitality, vital energy, increased digestive power, disappearance of back pain, lowering of an always high bilirubin, disappearance of excessive … Read more

Phil K – liver flush

Subject: liver cleanse success There was NO PAIN AT ALL during the discharge. The first flush stones were almost all dark green and very few beige. I did a total of three flushes and quit because the first two were so successful. Guessing 800 to 1000 stones total.  P.K

Parasite cleanse

Subject: 18 DAY PARASITE CLEANSE Message: Hello there, I was diagnosed with IBS this year. I had an all of a sudden digestion problem with my stomach extended, painful, diarrhea or constipation, bleeding in stool and bloatedness… I did an 18 day cleanse. I feel AWESOME!!! I had recently a Colonoscopy and Gastroscopy done. No … Read more


dear Cristina I had slight pain in my right abdominal area in Vienna in February and ultrasound  showed no cause. The pain was over after 1 night and half. Back in Switzerland  I got  back pain in April, whereupon I was examined in the Moncucco  hospital by 4 doctors (!!!?!) without diagnosis. Only part of  … Read more


Subject: Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse & flush  Message: I have completed the Parasite Cleanse & will be finishing the Kidney clease within a week. I am soooo pleased with the results and want you to know how much I appreciate your website, information, Dr. Clark’s book & products. C.M.


Dear Cristina, re; Article on Mental Illness and Parasites A 76 year old friend once said to me after treatment ‘Happiness began with the parasite cleanse.’ My wife said clearing the ascaris was like a ‘cloud lifting off my head’. With warm wishes L.G.