Yesterday, after zapping, the pain went away completely and I think the spot is shrinking. Today I have done 3 one-hour sessions. The only side-effects I felt today was tingling in my head, neck, shoulders, thighs and calves and some minor muscle twitches. The other positive side effects are as follows;   1) my sinuses … Read more

Zapping and arthritis

Comment: I’m 82 and beginning to have hearing troubles combined with allergies. I use the zapper daily and have few other problems (a little arthritis). Is there someone I can go to in the Texas or Oklahoma area. I’m actually in Austin, TX.  I’ve been a fan of Dr. Clarks for years. My father’s hands … Read more


I rebuilt a zapper and gave it to my friend,Stumpy Bill who had an ulcer on his only leg which had to be dressed 3 times a week, He used and after about 10 days they told him the bandage could come off and replaced with a stocking.His leg used to get bloody at the … Read more

Zapper, zappicator verrucca

FIRST TESTIMONY: (PHOTO 730 IS THE FIRST PHOTO 809 IS AFTER)   I started having problems under my foot and was diagnosed with a wart that was absolutely worth burning. I used the zapper with the square wave frequencies of the warts and simultaneously alternating frequencies in the sinus wave of the wart. The result … Read more

Zapper and cleanses

Hi Cristina Wanted to give you an update on day 10 parasite cleanse. I feel great. I have been following the protocol and increase the dosage like we mentioned earlier. Zapping twice a day with alternating drives. Feeling great and amazing results in my emotional wellness and mental clarity . I added vitamin c daily, … Read more


Last year I had whooping cough (not diagnosed because I don’t go to the doctor, but it was very violent and didn’t allow me to sleep at night … I was also afraid for the safety of my ribs). The zapper kept the fever and other symptoms low but the cough persisted. This was resolved … Read more

liver cleanse

LIVER CLEANING of 14-04-2018 Saturday It had been weeks since my mother A.C.  had severe digestive difficulties, she used various substances to aid digestion, but the situation had become very difficult. She spent several hours doing nothing, she said that she didn’t want to do anything, she had been apathetic for  weesk. She also needed … Read more

Ascaride eliminato

good morning, I use the zapper for 5 years. In 2007  I had ascaris lumbricoides. Then I discovered the zapper. I did it 4 days a month and then once a week, I was fine, but since the Christmas holidays I have had stomachache with severe pain. So I zapped which I still do every … Read more