couldn’t sleep and get pregnant

I was sick for 10 years, with many disorders, many symptoms and multiple organ dysfunctions. 

I went to many specialists and many private doctors. 

They weren’t able to understand what I had and couldn’t give a correct diagnosis.
I took many types of thyroid medicine with different dosages for many years, such as Eltroxin, Eutyros, Erfa but nothing relieved the pain in my body.
For 10 years I had sleep disorders and I couldn’t get pregnant. I had so many symptoms.
At the end I was told that I had 3-4 years to live. Considering that now I am 37 years old , that was shocking news!


I then found a Dr. Clark therapist that had  me do all the Dr. Clark cleanses. Just after 2 weeks my body started to function normally again and I could eliminate all the medicine I was taking. 

After I had  cleansed my body from heavy metals with homeographic drops, my blood test not only returned to normal but were even better than before I got sick. 


The doctors were very surprised about this to the point that my family doctor showed interest in the Dr. Clark protocol.  He said: “how is it that your blood results have returned back to normal”. I told him: “ it’s the Dr. Clark therapy my Doctor”.

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