gatto Olivier


I’ll tell you the story of my cat Oliver, a Norwegian forest cat

In August I realized he was ill, he was drinking too much water.

They tell me that it is a severe kidney failure, and they suspect that it’s a tumor. 

My friend who is a vet tells me that he has max. 4-5 months to live. 

I take him to another clinic where they are less pessimistic, but the matter remains serious because my cat does not want to eat the  diet and prefers to fast.

He does IV therapies and more.

Saturday he was in very bad shape, he wouldn’t drink anymore. I believed he was at the end as he doesn’t get up anymore.

I zap him with frequencies, I do 15 minutes  kidney and kidney failure.

After a couple of hours i see him walking downstairs, all sprightly, he eats almost 2 bowls and he wants to go out.

We were blown away


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