liver cleanse

LIVER CLEANING of 14-04-2018 Saturday

It had been weeks since my mother A.C.  had severe digestive difficulties, she used various substances to aid digestion, but the situation had become very difficult. She spent several hours doing nothing, she said that she didn’t want to do anything, she had been apathetic for  weesk. She also needed to cleanse her kidneys, the previous winter she had had an infection and to eradicate the bacteria we had also used antibiotics due to the seriousness of the situation, but the kidney cleanse required the use of substances that were difficult for her to use due to her digestive difficulties.

So I decided to ask  to my mother if she wanted to try the liver cleanse , which I had already done in the past. .

As  preparation shed did one week of Zapper,  my mother had already done the parasite cleanse a few months before and now she was on the maintenance.

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