Lymes and zapping

My daughter now has lyme disease which she picked up on a summer camp.  She has the classic bullseye rash on her hip and swollen stiff knees.  Her physician has examined her and is sure this is lyme.  We are following up with a blood test to have lab confirmation.  

As soon as I noticed that her knee joints were swollen, I had my daughter program zap with the lyme card, and then followed this up with regular zapping.  I had her place the electrodes next to either knee during the zapping.  Within an hour after the first treatment, the knee swelling was visibly reduced, and my daughter reported that her knee joints hurt less.   She was certainly more mobile.  We followed the same procedure for the next few days, and within 3 days the joint swelling had gone completely, as had the pain.  My hope is to avoid antibiotics and all their complications, and use the zapping as well as herbal lyme therapies to assist my daughter’s body in fighting off the infection.   We will continue to monitor her blood work and symptoms. A.K

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