dear Cristina

I had slight pain in my right abdominal area in Vienna in February and ultrasound  showed no cause. The pain was over after 1 night and half. Back in Switzerland  I got  back pain in April, whereupon I was examined in the Moncucco  hospital by 4 doctors (!!!?!) without diagnosis. Only part of  the MRI  showed 2 kidney stones between kidney and bladder. I was prescribed 2 highly toxic drugs, which made me sick and resulted in severe diarrhea for days. Then I received antidiarrheal tincture from you  and together with 4 different  supplements (Clark kidney treatment, iodine tincture, sodium bicarbonate, and piedras chancas) . I already had  a surgery appointment but after about  10 days and to the astonishment of the doctors and my joy, the stones were gone. and I could cancel the surgery. I don’t know which agent caused the “miracle” or all of them together.

dear regards


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